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Competitive Pricing - You’ll get a thorough inspection for a great price!

Our pricing is simple starting at $325 for up to 1000 sq. ft. and 5 cents per sq. ft. thereafter.   (There is an additional $50 fee for homes over 75-99 years young & $100 fee for 100+ years)

To estimate the price of your Home Inspection, just tell us the square footage of the home and the year it was built:

Services available in addition to an inspection

Name of Service Description Price
Radon Testing Testing of radon levels in the home $ 150
Radon Water Testing Testing of radon levels in drinking water $ 150
Drinking Water Testing Bacteria test only (e coli & coliform) $ 150
Drinking Water Testing Based upon the FHA & VA minimum panel for drinking water contaminants. Accordingly, drinking water samples are analyzed for Total Coliform, E Coli, Lead, Iron, Manganese, Nitrate, Nitrite, PH and Turbidity. $ 250
Lead Based Paint Testing Determining if specific surface areas of the home contain lead based paint (pricing includes up to 3 sample areas) $ 200
Mold Inspection & Sampling Inspection & sampling for presence of mold in the home
Air sampling includes two(2) indoor & one(1) outdoor air sample
$450 visual mold inspection w/o a home Inspection
$250 with a home inspection + $75 each sample
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