Pricing Estimate

Competitive Pricing - You’ll get a thorough inspection for a great price!

Our pricing is simple starting at $375 for 0-999 sq. ft.

Sq Ft of Home PRICE
0000 - 999 $375
1000 - 1499 $400
1500 - 1999 $425
2000 - 2499 $450
2500 - 2999 $475
3000 - 3499 $500
3500 - 3999 $525
4000 - 4499 $575
4500 - 4999 $625
5000 - 5499 $675
5500 - 5999 $725
6000 - 6499 $775
6500 - 6999 $825
Homes 00-49 yrs old $0
Homes 50-75 yrs old $50
Homes 76 - 100 yrs old $75
Homes Over 100 yrs old $100
0-34 miles from Weaverville, NC $0
35 - 50 miles from Weaverville, NC $49
51 - 70 miles from Weaverville, NC $69
71+ miles from Weaverville, NC $99

Services available in addition to a home inspection

Name of Service Description Price
Radon Testing $150 per structure. Testing of radon levels in the home. (Additional out of area trip charges may apply due to 2nd visit to home needed to collect radon test) $ 150
WDIR Inspection WDIR - wood destroying insect report - $60 ea additional structure, $100 ea additional home. $150
Drinking Water - Bacteria Bacteria Only - Total Coliform and E. coli. $ 199
Drinking Water - Lender/VA FHA/VA/Lender - This test includes Total Coliform, E. coli, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Lead $ 249
Drinking Water - Premium Testing for Total Coliform, E.coli, Nitrite, Nitrate, Lead, pH, Total Dissolved Solids, Iron, Total Alkalinity, Copper, Phosphorus, Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, and Turbidity. $315
Drinking Water - Ultra Premium drinking water test, plus Arsenic, Heavy metals and Pesticides (For Arsenic - testing for presence or absence. For Pesticides - testing for the 3 most common families of gardening pesticides. For Heavy Metals - testing for presence or absence. If present, additional testing should be done to identify the metals.) $649
Indoor Air Sampling (Fungal/Mold Spores) Indoor Air Quality Sampling for presence of fungal/mold spores in the home. Air sampling includes two(2) indoor & one(1) outdoor air sample (+$75 each additional sample requested) Mold Swab and lift-off tape sampling also available for an additional fee $350
Well/Spring Inspection Our well & spring contractors do a full comprehensive testing of the well, pump, pressure system, and all related components, as well as a well recovery test. Using well sounding equipment they are able to determine the overall health of the water table which can be critical in determining water usage levels and capacity for a new homeowner and their well. (Remote areas may incur an additional trip charge) $375
Video Septic Inspection (without tank pumping) Using modern inspection tools and techniques to inspection septic systems without pumping the tank. Our septic contractors have years of experience onsite and in the field, they've seen every kind of issue there is, no matter how irregular, and knows how to translate the issues in layman's terms for the homebuyer. Using snake camera technology they can locate defects and maintenance items in the pipes before and after the septic tank and drain field. Many other septic inspection companies often neglect to do this, and are therefore missing useful information for a homebuyer. Additionally, they access the distribution box whenever possible. They include high-quality pictures and videos of all their findings, making it easy for contractors to identify and quote repair costs. (Remote areas may incur an additional trip charge) $495
Video Septic Inspection With Tank Pumping (Remote areas may incur an additional trip charge) $945
Sewer Scope Inspection Video inspection of the sewer lines from the home to the street connection. $150 for each additional buiding $350
Detached Garage (up to 3 stalls) In addition to the home inspection fee $150
Duplex In addition to the home inspection fee if there are two units to inspect $195
Separate Guest House (up to 600 sq ft) 2nd unit on the property in addition to the main home - up to 600 sq ft. (Larger units will be considered a second home on the property) $295
Re-inspection Re-inspection of previously identified defects listed on a previous a home inspection. (Price may vary depending on size and scope of previous inspection as well as distance from Asheville) $295
Pre-drywall Inspection Inspection of new construction before the drywall goes on, when the bones of the structure as well as plumbing and wiring are exposed for inspection. $395